I've been in something of a writerly slump for the last week, what with work being crazy and not getting enough sleep, and I've been unable to pull myself out. I haven't wanted to write, or even to read, and that's weird for me.

So I went to the movies.

Actually, we went to the movies. Me and the family.  We go see a lot of movies. A LOT. And last night, because of the approaching holiday, we saw: 

MAN OH MAN, this movie was so good.

First of all, I love scary movies. And I love Jack Black. And this was scary, and funny, and so well done that it was a family favorite. Like, we're in the car last night, discussing our favorite parts, and WE'D JUST LEFT THE THEATER. I love it when a movie does that.

But now I'm not in my slump anymore. Because this's hard to explain, but sometimes I need something to remind me how words can be magic. How an author creating a story is like a magician performing a spell, creating a whole world out of nothing. There is nothing in the world, really, better than words.