For many years, we owned a house on a street where trick-or-treating was a big deal. Like, every house on the street was lit up and huge crowds of kids would be roaming up and down it--like a scene out of ET, do you know what I mean? And we always had the biggest display, full of pumpkins and zombies and spiders and scary music, because if there's one thing the Chaneys do, it's try to one-up everyone else on the regular.

This is our third Halloween at this house, and every year the holiday gets a little more MEH than the last. We live in a cul-de-sac that's right near a park, in a neighborhood FULL of kids, but we were the only ones who were handing out candy. All around us were nothing but dark houses. So, we didn't get many kids. I can imagine them looking down the street and seeing only our house with the light on, and thinking It isn't worth the trek down there for the one house, they might be handing out toothbrushes. Because we didn't get many kids at our place, we have SO MUCH candy leftover.

I'm off to eat some candy, now.