WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW(about me) DAY 11

The countdown continues!

What's my favorite book? It's a fair question, and one I think a lot of authors get. I do think people are always a little surprised by my answers--I read pretty widely across genres. There's no way I can narrow it down to just one book, and the answer is constantly changing--SO HOW ABOUT I TELL YOU MY FAVORITE SIX BOOKS?

Here's the deal: I'm not going to just TELL you. That would be too simple. How about we play a little game?

I've taken photos of my six favorite books, and cropped out most of the covers. The first person to guess all 6 of the books correctly will win a signed copy of WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW, sent directly from me! 

A few notes:

-Please post your guesses in the comments of either THIS BLOG POST, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, or TWITTER. I'll be checking all places constantly to keep up with the guesses.

-If no one manages to guess correctly by Saturday evening, I will start releasing clues until there's a winner.

And here's the collage of book covers:

I tried to make the cropped pics as clear as possible, but you know--TECHNOLOGY. 


Good luck!