As publication day approaches, I thought I'd have plenty of time to sit back and relax and really enjoy the whole build-up, but it turns out to be exactly the opposite. I have three kids (sick), two dogs (needy), and a day job (stressful) that all require my attention, so the days have gotten away from me and I've managed to miss out on my countdown. :(


With five days left until WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW is ready to hit bookshelves everywhere, I thought today might be a mish-mash of everything. A few updates, some new stuff. You know. It's like making meatloaf. Whatever you got, JUST THROW IT IN THERE, it'll be fine. And I don't care if you don't like it, I'm not in the habit of making 2 dinners.

First, a few reviews/pieces about WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW have popped up. The first is from Denver's 5280 magazine. They ran a very cool little piece about a few of the real-life locations that pop up in WYDK, but my personal favorite part of it is the illustration:

If you live in Colorado and don't already subscribe--and you should--you can always check out the online version of the piece at

I was also mentioned in Bookriot's "Riot Round-up" for January, where the contributors share their favorite reads for the month, and mine made the list! Check out the full list at:

So, I was chatting with a good friend of mine, and she suggested that I might make one of these posts about what I snack on while I write to keep my energy up. Now, I just want to make clear how I feel about my eating habits, and Parks and Rec sums it up nicely:

I'm kidding. (Not really.) 

So here are just a few things I like to snack on:

This picture is a little horrifying because WHY WOULD I POST MY COFFEE MACHINE LOOKING SO FILTHY? But there's no time for clean-up or filters today, people. 

Anyway, I drink a lot of coffee, all day long. I start in the morning, and I can drink a cup right before bedtime and fall asleep NO PROBLEM. But I can't drink it black--I have to add in this creamer, which is delicious. If I was a kid, I'd probably be tempted to drink it straight out of the container.

Also: Yes, that coffee maker is a Ninja. Because Sofia Vergara can get the men in the house to buy anything.

Another poor picture, but my cell phone is being weird, so it's the best I could do. The only place I've ever seen this stuff is Costco, but it's worth the trip. The secret is getting a mix of both the cheddar and the caramel popcorn in your mouth at the same time. 

Last one: when I posted pictures of my office a few days ago, I had some comments about the huge (YUUUUGE!) box of chocolate on my shelves. So I decide to grab one for a little snack as I was writing, and this is what I found:

Thanks to my children, I'm never able to stash away chocolate. :D