It's been one week since...

...the release of WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW. And it's been a busy one for me, because I had to get back to my day job, which requires a lot of hours and a lot of my attention and upkeep. I've also had to catch up on laundry, vacuuming, dishes, and spending time with my family--so it's been a bit CRAY. 

But it's been a week and I feel like my routine is back on track again. I'm even writing again, plugging away on book 2--which, for anyone wondering, is about a marriage gone terribly wrong, and features Ralph Loren as a main Point-of-View character. (I've heard people say it would be terrifying to get in Loren's head, but maybe terrifying in a GOOD WAY?) Anyway, hope to turn in another draft of Book 2 to my editors soon, and start work on Book 3.

So WHAT else has happened in the last week? Let's do the book-related stuff first:

-I had my first signing event at The Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver, which was amazing. The staff there is SO SO great. (Darren, THANK YOU!)

-I also had an event at my local Barnes and Noble. The staff there is also amazing, but I was a little terrified of the whole thing because I was alone at a table beside the front door with stacks of my books, just waiting for customers to notice me. Fortunately, people DID notice me. I had plenty of people I know come in, but I also talked to a lot of complete strangers, and it was a really awesome experience.

-Mystery Scene Magazine gave WYDK an amazing review, full review here

-I posted about who would be my dream cast for WYDK, which I'd done before, but this time I included photos:

If you haven't already read my list of who would play who, take a guess who each of these are...or let me know who your choices would be.

-The ladies at the Book Riot podcast mentioned WYDK and gave it some amazing compliments...podcast can be heard here

-Out in the UK they threw one hell of a party at the Pan Macmillan offices and served fingers...and invited Seever to play clown:

-There was a mindblowing review from The Daily Mail..."...breathtaking from the first page to the last." Full review here

Book-wise, I'm sure there's more, and there will be more, and I'll try to share as it happens to avoid these tedious posts. Other than that, it was Valentine's Day this last week--we don't do much to celebrate, but here's a picture of my husband dressed up as cupid that always makes me laugh:

More soon! <3